Unlock YouTube To Deliver
Tangible Results to Your Business
From Day One

The YouTube Bootcamp is THE structured online programme designed to give you everything you need to make the best start with your YouTube channel and focus on monetising it from day one.

YouTube Bootcamp +
Available until 19th December 2021

The 12 week Accountability Programme to help you strategically launch your channel in 2022

If you sign up for the bootcamp between now and 19th December 2021 get access to 12 weekly group calls

This is YouTube Bootcamp+

Don’t let the launch of your channel slide, in this accountability group, we will grow and launch our channels together.

Can’t make the calls? Get access to the replays and submit your questions directly into our private WhatsApp group

Who is the YouTube Bootcamp for?

Business owners concerned about the quality of the videos they produce

The bootcamp teaches you how to create professional looking content from day one and maximise the use of the content

Business Owners who are sick and tired of creating, creating and creating more content only for it to not land on social media.

I can assure you audience size is often one of the bigest blockers for scaling and bringing in new business, YouTube is an untapped and unlimited audience platform where your video assets continue to bring in new viewers

Business Owners who want to increase their Authority in the sea of social where everyone claims to be an expert

It might feel like anyone can claim to be an expert but what if you could use your YouTube channel and videos to stamp your authority all over those posts where so many “experts” are tagged in.

Business Owners who want to improve their leads and sales from a platform they are not currently using

Through clever marketing on the platform, i’ll show you how you can take the viewers of your content and push them to your products, services and affiliate links.

All good so far?

What's included in your Lifetime Access to the
YouTube Bootcamp?

What Do Previous Customers Think?

Content Repurposing School

What about a system to promote your YouTube Channel?

Content Repurposing School is now included as part of the Bootcamp.

This is my content promotion system helping you take your Signature Content (YouTube Video) and repurpose it across the socials.

There’s plenty of free guides, systems and cheat sheets online but nothing comes close to this step by step process in which I teach you the exact method to create the content. 

Not just that but i’ll also give you a FREE licence for your Virtual Assistant so that you can outsource this work (as you should)

Investment Options

YouTube Bootcamp +

Pay In Full
£ 997 One Off Payment
  • Lifetime Access
  • 12 Week Accountability Calls
  • Content Repurposing School
  • All Future Updates inc. Bootcamp 2.0

YouTube Bootcamp +

Three Pay
£ 349 3 Months
  • Lifetime Access
  • 12 Week Accountability Calls
  • Content Repurposing School
  • All Future Updates inc. Bootcamp 2.0

BONUS 1 - Strategy Call (£125)

If you purchase the bootcamp in before Friday 3rd December 2021

Receive 1 x 1-2-1 Strategy Call worth £125 to use anytime in the next 12 months.

BONUS - Training Vouchers (up to £400)

If you purchase the bootcamp in before Friday 10th December 2021 @ 5PM

Receive 2 x Training Vouchers for any King of Video masterclasses and workshop in the next 12 months.

What's it like to work with the King of Video?

Who is the King of Video?

Hi, welcome to the YouTube Bootcamp, my name is Matthew Hughes, the self-proclaimed King of Video.

I’m a heart-centered busines owner, meaning that I actually give a shit, excuse my language but i’m also a working class potty mouth and I believe you should show up as your unapologetic, imperfect self or as I was taught, the Coffee Shop version of you.

I’ve been a video creator and the owner of a global video production company for 7 years, during that time I had one man bands, through to billion dollar companies, pay for me and my team to fly around the world creating over 1500 commercial videos.

I bring this knowledge and combine it with a desire to help and support small business owners to step into your zone of genius and grow your business with video.

The YouTube Bootcamp is my signature programme which is self-paced combined with 12 weeks in my academy where we have weekly accountability calls to keep you on track.

I’m so excited to work with you on your YouTube journey and whilst I can’t promise you instant success, I can promise that I have created an environment in my King of Video Academy that will help and support you throughout our time working together.