Stop putting off your YouTube Channel that could be bringing in leads for years to come

How to Strategically Launch Your YouTube Channel to Position You As An
Building Your Audience, Impact and Influence
24 Hours a Day 365 Days A Year

Plan, Produce, Publish and Promote Videos on Your Channel In As Little As Four Weeks, From Idea To Impact.

(Even if you’re a technophobe without a plan)

After a full year in the abyss on YouTube, I discovered the winning strategy to true growth on a platform that feels like a scary prospect for many.

It’s not just Consistency, there’s way more to it than that. 

let me explain…

I’ve been there, no subscribers, slow growth and single digit views.
I’m on a journey to help 1,000 business owners and entrepreneurs change this, let’s get on this journey together and i’ll provide you with the tips, tricks, strategies and tools to succeed.


More details in the problem section


Here’s the great news…

I’ve discovered the route to predicatable results on the platform, I have the formula for professionally produced videos and the strategy for promoting your content for maximum results.

It comes in 4 simple steps


The problem is that some people think YouTube is like every other platform, post and run or worse post it and hope they will come.

This is as good as having no plan, so instead we create a strategic plan from day 1. We plan for GREATNESS!


The challenge during production is having tech disasters, this almost always leads to fatigue and low energy when finally getting around to filming.

We don’t leave this to chance, instead, we create an environment that is condusive to INSTANT filming, speeding up your production proces


The challenge is understanding the algorythm and what signals you need to send to YouTube the before, during and after the publishing step.

We don’t leave this to chance, the publishing checklist and formula allow us to publish ready for promotion…


The challenge is not knowing where to promote, how often or worse, doing no promotion at all.

Having a Content Promotion Framework solves the need to even think about how this works, hit publish and then follow the promo steps.

This is the programme for those that are committed to creating, launching and growing a channel in 2022, if you’re serious about it, so am I. 

Let’s do this together…

Meet the King of Video

My name is Matthew Hughes and i’ve been in the video production business for 9 years, filming, editing and directed videos for clients around the world.

Now it’s time to help the small business owners and entrepreneurs get the attention they deserve on a platform built entirely for the purpose of retaining attention, helping accelerate the know, like and trust factor like no other. 

I’m on my own journey with YouTube, doubling my following in 2021 with a goal of 10x that following during 2022. 

I’m here to lead from the front and show you what is possible whilst helping you shortcut your route to success.


Ready To Grow Your
Authority, Audience,
Influence and Impact
on YouTube?

6 training modules that will help you launch & grow your YouTube channel,
creating an asset you’re delighted to send your prospective clients to, knowing it will be an amazing reflection of your business and brand.

ExpertsPersonal BrandsCourse CreatorsSpeakers
+ anyone who works with a business owner to build a course

Stop worrying about creating professional videos, feel 100% confident that you’re creating the best quality videos with the equipment you already have.

Don’t let procrastinating get in your way, use our templates, cheat sheets and planning documents to get started straight away.

Stop worrying about whether you’re the expert or not and BE the authority in your space, claim your land and own it.

No views or subscribers? Forget about it with our content promotion framwork which guarantees results.

Worried about giving it all away for free? We will teach you how to make money off platform by becoming the authority with your content.

Don’t have the right gear? We’ll show you how to use your current gear for maximum results and what steps to take to upgrade

Build a long term asset library that consistently grows your audience, drives traffic to your offers and positions you as the authority in your industry

You can’t do this ANYWHERE else in such a straight forward and convincing way with a minimal amount of effort.

What’s included in YouTube Bootcamp?

Getting Started On YouTube

This module is the foundational module that every wannabe YouTuber should take.

In this module we cover the basics of YouTube as well as going in to some detail on the following topics:

  • Setting up Your Channel
  • Channel Optimisation
  • Keyword Research
  • Planning & Preparation

This includes the 2022 full year launch plan.

Video Production School

This module is all about filming and gear.
Video Production School will take you from amateur through to pro in no time at all. The fundamentals of video production will provide you with enough to improve not just your pre-recorded video but also Live video for those that go live often. Your will learn how to:

  • Create Professional Video with your existing equipment
  • Upgrade incrementally for improved quality
  • Create consistent qualty across your live / pre-recorded content

Video Editing School

Video editing is one of the most time consuming tasks when it comes to creating content. This module is all about settin you up with the fundamentals to edit video with ANY video editing software.

Once you’ve completed this module you will be proficient in editing as well as confident to produce your own YouTube edits if you choose to edit them yourself.

Content Repurposing School

This module helps you promote your video content in a structured and sensible way.

Content Repurposing School will show you step-by-step how to create 49+ pieces of content from every single YouTube video in no time at all.

The module includes the Content Repurposing Framework as well as the Content Promotion Framework

Swipe Files / Cheat Sheets / Downloads / Workbooks

Swipe Files / Cheat Sheets / Downloads / Workbooks

Bonus One

December Only
Closes December 19th 2021

12 Week Accountability Programme

Don’t leave anything to chance, in this 12 week accountability programme or launch plan, I take you from zero to hero and get your channel LAUNCHED!!

The challenge with courses is always making the time to complete them and get the work done, so this programme provides a weekly one hour group call to help you make the progress you need to launch in 2022.


2022 Launch Plan

  • Closes 19th December 2021
  • YouTube Bootcamp Lifetime Access
  • 12 Weekly Accountabiity Calls (Zoom)
  • 12 Week Workbook
  • 12 Seats Only
  • 1000 Subscriber Growth Plan

Two Tickets to ANY Masterclass or Workshop (Value up to £200 per ticket)

Included in this launch is two tickets to any live workshop or masterclass available throughout 2022.

I run weekly masterclasses in the King of Video Academy (home of the YouTube Bootcamp) and you can use these FREE vouchers to book onto any class during 2022

This bonus expires on Friday 10th December at Midnight

All registrations up to and including that date will be eligable.

Inside the YouTube Bootcamp You’ll find…

  • Getting Started On YouTube (Value £297)
  • Video Production School (Value £297)
  • Video Editing School (Value £297)
  • Content Repurposing School (Value £297)
  • Live Video School (Value £297)
  • List Building School (Value £297)
  • Course Creator School (Value £297)
  • One Hour Strategy Call (EXPIRED)
  • Two Tickets To 2022 Training (Value £400)
  • Total Value: £2604
  • Regular Price: £1497
  • Today's Price: £997

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I become a YouTube influencer overnight?

I am sorry to tell you, it doesn’t work like that, some Guru’s might sell you the overnight influencer dream but the reality is, YouTube is an investment that takes time and energy, there’s a compounding effect and there’s no telling exactly when that will pay off, but we will do everything we can to ensure it does as quickly as possible.

Do I need lots of fancy equipment to get started on YouTube?

No, in fact I help you get started by creating the best quality video with the best equipment available to you, which for most people, is their mobile phone. However, I do have a route to more professional equipment as soon as you’re ready to invest.

How much time am I expected to invest in running a YouTube Channel?

Like anything the more time you invest the better the results. However, due to the fact I am a lazy videographer, I have found the best and quickest ways to get going, this includes filming, editing and outsourcing. I estimate 1-2 hours a week is usually enough depending on your skills at present.

Do I need a team to promote my content?

It would be amazing if we all had a team to take on the tasks of publishing and promoting the content, whilst we have a 1-2-1 service for this, you absolutely can do it all yourself, the only downside is the more you do yourself, the more time it takes. 

Now is YOUR TIME to start and grow a YouTube Channel


Don’t get two more years down the line to wish you’d started sooner, this is where I am now, I went to VidSummit in LA in 2018 and only started properly in 2021, just over two years later.

The progress and money I have made in the last year as a direct result of my YouTube channel is insane

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s Do This!!!

Inside the YouTube Bootcamp You’ll find…

  • Getting Started On YouTube (Value £297)
  • Video Production School (Value £297)
  • Video Editing School (Value £297)
  • Content Repurposing School (Value £297)
  • Live Video School (Value £297)
  • List Building School (Value £297)
  • Course Creator School (Value £297)
  • One Hour Strategy Call (EXPIRED)
  • Two Tickets To 2022 Training (Value £400)
  • Total Value: £2604
  • Regular Price: £1497
  • Today's Price: £997

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